Is Gymnastics Right For Kids?

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Nowadays, more and more parents wonder which sport is right for their kids. Gymnastics has always been considered a sport of impressive skill and dedication. It is thought to have numerous benefits on children, teaching them the importance of healthy lifestyle, exercise, but also of commitment and hard work. There are many pros and cons to whether gymnastics is or isn’t an adequate sport for children. Below you will find information on both the benefits and the disadvantages of this sport.



Gymnastics can be extremely beneficial for children. Actually, this sport supposes regular exercises that can help children avoid the risk of being diagnosed with serious health issues. Here can be included obesity, which actually is a quite common issues nowadays, but also heart disease and diabetes.

Gymnastics supposes organized activities and exercises, offering children the possibility to learn team skills through the practice of a sport. This can be considered a social sport, as well, many children making friends and socializing in classes. Children can reach such a level in gymnastics that they may actually be able to participate in competitions and win titles in the sport, developing an impressive and rewarding career.



Despite the fact that gymnastics can have numerous benefits on children, it can have some disadvantages, as well. Statistics show that only in the United States more than 26,000 US children go to the emergency room for injuries related to this sport. There are various physical risks supposed when practicing this sport, too. They are definitely important to be mentioned.

Still, gymnastics does not have only physical risks. This sport may have emotional risks, as well. A child who is under higher expectations than what he is able to achieve may be submitted to emotional stress and consequent effects. A kid can easily experience feelings such as frustration and failure, which may interfere with his normal emotional development. Normal childhood changes for a child who practices gymnastics, at least when he wants to achieve great performance in this sport.


So, when it comes to the question on whether gymnastics is right for your kid or not finding an answer is quite hard. There are both benefits and disadvantages to this sport. It is up to parents and their children to make the decision on which ones are more important.

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