Biketard Prices – How Much Does One Cost?

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There are two factors that impact the price of a biketard the most. The first is the category of the biketard. Prices will vary based on different categories like toddlers, teens and men.

The other factor is the appearance of a biketard. Plain options with a single color generally cost less than those that feature an attractive print with multiple colors.

Snowflake Designs

This company offers 15 different biketards on Amazon.

11 of the biketards they offer range from $36-$38. These biketards are designed for children, and come in prints including tailspin, groovy, rainforest, Minnie, peace out, mango, Jane, razzleberry, tye dye, blue bubbles and Dottie Dot. Their children’s USA biketard costs between $40 and $42.

The company also offers three biketards for women. Two of the option are available in plum or navy, while the third is black. The prices for these options range from $22.95 to $24.95.

What About eBay?

There are currently 409 biketard listings on eBay. 136 are listed in children’s clothing & shoes, 124 are listed in dancewear, 25 are listed in women’s clothing and the rest are spread throughout other categories.

344 of the listings are for new biketards, while 63 are used. The 12 highest listings range from $40 to $99.99. The other 397 listings are $39.99 or less.

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