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Biketards are unitards that have been created for cyclists. They are cut to provide maximum comfort and mobility for the extreme demands of those who push the limits of physical activity. Biketards are light and flexible thanks to their construction and are very durable.

The biketards can stand up to repeated washings and still retain their shape and elasticity. They are also very effective for other types of activities such as gymnastics, aerobics, and boxing among others. Many people love the way that a biketard feels against their skin. Biketards also come in many different styles that provide extra support, comfort and style.

The biketards are also available in a wide range of color choices to add a fashionable flair to your workouts. Patterns are also available and can be coordinated for team competitions. The real selling points of the biketard is the fact that it covers the torso fully while allowing the arms and legs to remain free and unencumbered. This allows the wearer to feel covered while giving them the freedom to move as they naturally would.

Biketards also allow for a wearer to wick sweat away from the body while letting excess heat with ease making it possible to work out longer without the dangers of becoming overheated. Adult sizes run from petite to full-figured while the children sizes run from extra-small to extra-large. With so many options to choose from it’s no wonder why so many people make biketards their active wear of choice.

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