Biketards for Gymnastics

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Biketards are an article of clothing that are worn by gymnasts so that the wearer can be both comfortable and streamlined. Biketards come in many different styles and varieties. They are offered in sleeveless and short sleeve styles, but they all usually have legs that are no longer than mid-thigh. Biketards, like leotards that gymnasts also sometimes wear, are made to be streamlined and form-fitting to the body so that they can allow easy movement while keeping the gymnast comfortable.

Biketards also come in many different materials. They can be found in velour, velvet, cotton, and just about any other type of material that you could imagine. However, because they need to be able to move and bend with every movement the gymnast makes, they all usually have a Lycra component in their material.

Because biketards are constructed of fairly common materials, they do not need any special care or dry-cleaning. It is always necessary to check the manufacturer’s label to get specific cleaning and care instructions but generally, these can be washed right in the washing machine and then thrown in the dryer.

Biketards for gymnastics are especially useful for the wearer because they do not rub and chafe certain areas of the body such as the inner thigh, like other materials such as cotton tights do. They also fit like a second skin so they do not interfere with a gymnast’s movements. Because of this, not only can gymnasts perform their routines easily and smoothly, but they also allow spectators to clearly see each and every movement the gymnast makes.

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