Biketards for Men

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Any man who has ever worn his every day clothes to bicycle in can attest to their lack of support and their inability to keep those sensitive areas dry and comfortable. However, buying these for many men can pose a serious confidence killer at the local sports shop or when people in the area see them. Thankfully, there are many websites that can help any man who is looking for the athletic support as well as the comfort and freedom that a biketard has to offer without the risk of embarrassment.

Because you can’t try the garment on before you pay for it, it is important that when you are buying online that you know your size. In general, they will come in a variety of sizes but most are designed for people are already in reasonably good shape and, as a result, the sizes may vary slightly compared to what is expected. If you wear a large, but have a belly, it may be a good idea to order your biketard in extra-large to start with and then order a different one as the belly goes away.

Biketards aren’t just for people who are cycling either, they can be a great garment for men who are also interested in anything from dancing to gymnastics training. The polymer material that is used is also specifically designed to pull moisture (i.e. sweat) away from the body so that it doesn’t cause irritation on the skin and can evaporate more readily which can also help keep the athlete cooler. This cooling can be a great attribute as biketards tend to cover more of the body than traditional leotards; combine the coverage with the less restrictive but more supportive form and you have the main reason why they are gaining in popularity.

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