Most Popular Biketard Designs

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Biketards are short unitards providing more coverage for gymnastics when practicing. However, biketards can be worn for a wide array of activities, including dancing, exercising, acrobatics, circus performances, physical fitness training, working out, belly dancing, and practice wear. Regardless of the reason why you want to wear biketards, know that there are many styles and designs you can choose from, as you can see below.

Basic Tank Biketards. These biketards feature a classical basic scoop neck, being very popular for dance, gymnastics, working out. For this design, you can choose a sleeve such as cap sleeve, long sleeve, or even add to a long sleeve. The leg cut can be a hot pant for bike length.

Boatneck Biketards. These biketards are boatnecked, being also very popular for dancing, working out and gymnastics. This design also comes with a cap sleeve, long sleeve, or add to a long sleeve.

Keyhole Back Biketards. These biketards are suited for women in particular, the keyhole back being renowned in gymnastics and ice skating. You can also add different types of sleeves to this model, as well as leg types.

High Empire Biketards. These biketards are high empire, meaning that the bottom part is the main body. The upper part is high neck in the front with a regular scoop back, with a binding contrast going across the front. You can also go for the regular Empire biketard design.

Cross Back Biketards. These biketards have become very popular in the recent years, being one of the most sought after styles. This design is a basic scoop in the front, with the traps crossing in the back. Cross back biketards have a built-in shelf bra and come in hot pant or bike length.

Racer Back Biketards. These biketards have a t-back or, as some may refer to, a racer back style. This means that this biketard design is best suited for races and racing competitions. It also comes with a shelf bra.

High Neck Collared Biketards. These biketards have also become very popular. Having a high neck collar, this model comes with a zipper in the back. The design has a mock collar that won’t be uncomfortable at all during your practice.

Low Bodice Ballet Back Biketards. These biketards, as the name suggests it, are perfect for ballet practice. Other low bodice biketard designs include spider back, square neck spider back, basic tank camisole, double strap, double strap camisole, V neck halter, V neck camisole, triangle halter, square neck camisole, high neck collared, cross back, keyhole back, and t-back.

These are the most common biketard designs you can choose from. They are available for both adults and children and come in a wide range of colors and fabrics. When choosing a certain design, you must keep in mind the purpose of your purchase and budget, since there are numerous biketards available on the market. Luckily, you can choose the style that suits you best!

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Biketards For Men

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Usually, there are many types of biketards especially for women, but it seems that new models for men have emerged, too. They come in various colours and are adapted for various activities that involve motions such as dancing or ballet.

There are simple designs, but also other more complex. A few of the best models we’ve searched for you are the following:

Simple Men’s Biketard that features coop front and back. It’s a popular style, being ideal for practice and performance needs. It’s made of 85% polyamide, 15% spandex (so-called 85% nylon, 15% spandex); shiny & 4-way Stretchy Fabric. There are many sizes available. Hand wash in cold water, don’t bleach and hand dry. Price ranges and the product comes in a wide variety of colours.


Men’s racer back biketard features a round front neckline and racer back. All these elements make it very comfortable for a clean line. It’s perfect for men’s ballet, but also as a foundation for costuming. It features Supplex Lycra mix, cycle short length legs and tank sleeves.


Men’s tank biketard is perfect for dance, being specifically designed for this type of artistic activity. It features a flattering scoop neck, a modest inseam and comfortable wide shoulders.


There are many other types of biketards, but the most important is to choose the one that suits you. You also have the possibility to custom them and to order from the Internet or buy them from the specialized stores.

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Choose Great Biketards For Gymnastics

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Biketards are great clothing items to use when practicing your favorite sport. They are considered to be perfect for gymnastics, but also dance classes and actually whenever exercising. The exercise wear is also a common choice among circus performers. It can come on a wide range of models, colors and shapes, being make from different fabrics. Of course, you will be the one to choose the most adequate workout wear, according to your needs and preferences. The exercise wear is perfect for both adults and children. It can come in a wide range and shades of colors, to match all tastes and preferences.

One of the best things about these workout wears is that they can be easily worn by all type of acrobats. They are perfect for gymnasts, but also for dancers, figure skaters and actors. Gymnasts actually use these workout wears as performance costumes, too, so they can be quite glamorous. Still, they need to be perfectly comfortable, offering flexibility and mobility to the wearer. Actually, no matter the reason in needing the exercise wearing items, you can get great designs and an amazing style. If you plan on buying these equipments online, you will be able to choose the style, size and fabric yourself. In case you plan on helping your child become a skilled gymnast, purchasing this exercise equipment for him will be really a must. Online you may also find some better deals, and remember that your child will not only need one exercising equipment, so saving money can be quite important from this point of view.

In gymnastics, mobility is highly important, while the physical effort made by athletes is amazing. Enjoying a great body wear is a must for both comfort and performance. Biketards are the only workout wear items perfect for all gymnasts who are willing to achieve the highest level of performance. With the most beautiful and the most comfortable clothing pieces, exercising will become really simple and quite a pleasure. Exercising may not be a lot of fun for young children, but when they have beautiful costumes to wear at practice, they are surely going to be more willing to perform their routines. Buy more than one biketar for your child and make sure to choose each model together. Luckily, you can do it all from the comfort of your home and exceeding your budget will never have to be a reason of concern for you, at least when buying this way.

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