Tools and Equipment You Need to Make Unitards

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If you have decided to create your own unitards – regardless of whether you want to make them for you or your kids – you should know that there are certain tools and equipment needed to do so.


Just like many other sewing or fashion projects, making a unitard requires equipment. The first thing you will need is a straight stitch sewing machine – quite simple, neutral, forwards and backwards. This is a very basic sewing machine you can find at just about any specialized store.

Other things you will need include a baby lock surger (a four thread surger), a good pair of scissors to cut our your pattern, a little pair of nippers to clip the threads, and a thread stand. It would also be great if you had some pens and some marking chalk, but these are not really necessary.

You can find out more about the tools and equipment you need to make unitards in the great video below, which also explains what every piece of equipment is good for.

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Move Easily During Training

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No matter what kind of sport you are a fan of, it is very important to be comfortable during your training. This means that you should not wear clothing that is too stretch or that was made from some fabric which is not very qualitative. You will exercise a lot, so you should at least feel good in your equipment. If you will sweat too much or if you will have on you something that is to large or that it is not soft enough on the skin, you will not be able to enjoy your practice and to feel good. And the whole point of making sports is to help you feel better and to keep you in tip top shape. Qualitative and good equipments that you can use in many situations are biketards. If you did not tried them yet, you should. The fabric is cozy and comfy and lets the skin breathe. You will have a great liberty to move as you wish and you will feel really good in them. You can choose the model you want, according to the sport you practice.

The fabric from which a biketard is done contains elastane fibers, so the suit will take the shape of your body, letting your skin breathe and letting you move easily in it. You will find suits in a variety of colors and shades, with all types of patterns, you just need to choose those that are perfect for you. You can buy them in regular stores and an important advantage is that you can try them on and see how they feel on your skin before actually buying them. If you cannot find something that you like in usual stores, check online.

There are plenty online shops selling biketards, so it will not be very difficult for you to find something you will like on the Internet. The only problem is that you cannot try what you buy until you receive the package. Even so, you need to follow closely the instructions that are given online in relation to the sizes and you will surely find the perfect suits for you. Buy a few, because you will see that you will feel great during your practices and you will be able to move easily thanks to these costumes. You will look good and you will feel good.

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