American Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Team For The 2012 Olympics

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The American team of women which prepared for the artistic gymnastics competition is made of 5 gorgeous and talented girls which hope to bring back home the gold in the 2012 Olympic Games held in London, United Kingdom. The main members of the team are Gabby Douglas, McKayla Maroney, Aly Raisman, Kyla Ross and Jordyn Wieber. The replacement athletes who will also travel to England with them are Sarah Finnegan, Anna Li and Elizabeth Price. The girls are ready, their equipment is prepared, so the Olympic Games can now start.

Gabby Douglas


Gabrielle, born in 1995 and pictured here in a fantastic pink biketard, started her career in gymnastics at the advice of her older sister Arielle, who considered she would make a good gymnast. She was right, so now her litter sister is representing the United States in one of the most important competitions. Gabby loves to read and to knit, enjoys Mexican and Italian food and prefers to watch The Vampire Diaries.

McKayla Maroney


McKayla, pictured in a beautiful biketard during a competition, got involved in gymnastics thanks to her mother. She considered that her little one has too much energy and should make some sport. McKayle is a fan of The Hunger Games series of books, listens the music of Beyonce, Justin Bieber and Nicki Minah and never misses Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Aly Raisman


Alexandra is involved in gymnastics since she was two, so no wonder she is ready to compete in the Olympic Games. She enjoys to spend time with her friends and family and to shop. Aly listens R’n’B music and is a fan of the show Pretty Little Liars. She is not only beautiful and talented, she also has a beautiful heart: Aly is involved in the organization of Special Olympics.

Kyla Ross


Kyla Ross, photographed in a patriotic-print biketard, was very energetic since she was a little kid, so her mother had no choice but to put her in gymnastics. Kyla sees this sport as a continuous challenge which represents a constant motivation for her. Outside the gym, she is an usual girl who watches Modern Family and reads The Hunger Games.

Jordyn Wieber


Jordyn was born in July 1995 and is involved in gymnastics in present thanks to her parents, who noticed the perfect balance of their daughter. Like any teenager, Jo loves romantic books like The Last Song and doesn’t miss any episode of Grey’s Anatomy. She loves to eat hummus and to hang out with her friends.

The girls can’t wait to compete in this year’s Olympic Games as this was one of their goals since they started practicing gymnastics. There are just a few days until the beginning of the competitions and they are preparing for their trip in the capital of England. Hopefully, they will return home victorious in the month of August.

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Move Easily During Training

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No matter what kind of sport you are a fan of, it is very important to be comfortable during your training. This means that you should not wear clothing that is too stretch or that was made from some fabric which is not very qualitative. You will exercise a lot, so you should at least feel good in your equipment. If you will sweat too much or if you will have on you something that is to large or that it is not soft enough on the skin, you will not be able to enjoy your practice and to feel good. And the whole point of making sports is to help you feel better and to keep you in tip top shape. Qualitative and good equipments that you can use in many situations are biketards. If you did not tried them yet, you should. The fabric is cozy and comfy and lets the skin breathe. You will have a great liberty to move as you wish and you will feel really good in them. You can choose the model you want, according to the sport you practice.

The fabric from which a biketard is done contains elastane fibers, so the suit will take the shape of your body, letting your skin breathe and letting you move easily in it. You will find suits in a variety of colors and shades, with all types of patterns, you just need to choose those that are perfect for you. You can buy them in regular stores and an important advantage is that you can try them on and see how they feel on your skin before actually buying them. If you cannot find something that you like in usual stores, check online.

There are plenty online shops selling biketards, so it will not be very difficult for you to find something you will like on the Internet. The only problem is that you cannot try what you buy until you receive the package. Even so, you need to follow closely the instructions that are given online in relation to the sizes and you will surely find the perfect suits for you. Buy a few, because you will see that you will feel great during your practices and you will be able to move easily thanks to these costumes. You will look good and you will feel good.

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Choose Great Biketards For Gymnastics

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Biketards are great clothing items to use when practicing your favorite sport. They are considered to be perfect for gymnastics, but also dance classes and actually whenever exercising. The exercise wear is also a common choice among circus performers. It can come on a wide range of models, colors and shapes, being make from different fabrics. Of course, you will be the one to choose the most adequate workout wear, according to your needs and preferences. The exercise wear is perfect for both adults and children. It can come in a wide range and shades of colors, to match all tastes and preferences.

One of the best things about these workout wears is that they can be easily worn by all type of acrobats. They are perfect for gymnasts, but also for dancers, figure skaters and actors. Gymnasts actually use these workout wears as performance costumes, too, so they can be quite glamorous. Still, they need to be perfectly comfortable, offering flexibility and mobility to the wearer. Actually, no matter the reason in needing the exercise wearing items, you can get great designs and an amazing style. If you plan on buying these equipments online, you will be able to choose the style, size and fabric yourself. In case you plan on helping your child become a skilled gymnast, purchasing this exercise equipment for him will be really a must. Online you may also find some better deals, and remember that your child will not only need one exercising equipment, so saving money can be quite important from this point of view.

In gymnastics, mobility is highly important, while the physical effort made by athletes is amazing. Enjoying a great body wear is a must for both comfort and performance. Biketards are the only workout wear items perfect for all gymnasts who are willing to achieve the highest level of performance. With the most beautiful and the most comfortable clothing pieces, exercising will become really simple and quite a pleasure. Exercising may not be a lot of fun for young children, but when they have beautiful costumes to wear at practice, they are surely going to be more willing to perform their routines. Buy more than one biketar for your child and make sure to choose each model together. Luckily, you can do it all from the comfort of your home and exceeding your budget will never have to be a reason of concern for you, at least when buying this way.

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Biketards And The Size Charts

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Biketards are one of the most important things you need to have in case you want to become a dancer, a ballet dancer or an acrobat. Biketards are made from high quality and flexible fabrics that allow many movements and performances. They are great for practice, but also when shows take place. The variety of biketards is impressive. Some of them have many models, lines and can also be sparkling. With these amazing biketards, anyone can have a wonderful performance and impress the public. There are biketards for men, women and children and come in various sizes and styles, which look great and impressive.

These amazing garments can be purchased  from the specialized stores or can be found on the Internet. Online shopping is easier and can be made from the comfort of your home, which is great. You will not waste time and will see a lot of offers. Practising will be more pleasant than ever if you will have the right and a beautiful outfit. Biketards have to be very flexible, but durable at the same time. Moreover, they have to be soft, so the skin will be fine. Shipping is free in case you will buy several biketards, so this means saving a lot of money.

The diversity is wider on the Internet and the prices are also very various. Amazing discounts are also provided, so clients can save a lot of money. Quality biketards don’t have to be very expensive, but if you opt for a famous brand, then it will cost you more. There are special biketards collections made by famous manufacturers or designers. Being a gymnast,  a dancer or an acrobat will have a more beautiful start with the right biketards. In case you decide to order on the Internet, don’t forget to consult carefully the size charts. A looser or a tighter fit, there are many choices, so people can have what they like or what is more comfortable for them. It can be a little difficult to decide what to choose, so you have to take into consideration several things such as comfort, price and your financial possibilities.

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Biketards Models For Women

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Biketards add a unique look to your performance and may just be the style you want for practice as well. Biketards are wonderful pieces of clothing, since they can be used in the practice of any sport, such as gymnastics, dancing, exercising, circus performance, fitness, workout, belly dance and wear. You can find biketards in specialized sports stores, but also on different websites that allow you to personalize them. Choose the color, pattern, model, fabric or leg cut you want. There are so many models of biketards that suit every body figure, so, don’t worry, you will surely find the right one for you.

Biketards come in different models, sleeveless or not, knee high or models that cover the whole leg. For the ladies who want to wear something special, there are many biketards models that emphasize either the upper or lower part of their body. For example, ladies who wish to accentuate their upper part can choose to wear the cross back biketards with a built in shelf bra. There is also another popular biketards model that has become popular with the ladies, which has a zipper in back and a mock collar. More modern biketards models allow you to choose one fabric or model for the upper part, and other for the lower part.The binded camisole biketards allow you to choose from several different leg cuts and a different binding color.

As you can see, there are many models of biketards to choose from, for you to feel unique and comfortable. Biketards are a great clothing item, not only for adults, but also for children, who take up dancing, ballet or gymnastics. Very young ladies can also have their biketards personalized with different cartoon characters, sequins or lace. Biketards allow the wearer to feel comfortable, while giving them the freedom to move as they please. Moreover, biketards do not allow the body to become over heated and produce unpleasant odors. Biketards are trendy, comfortable, sexy and easy to wear, so next time you go to the gym or to the dance classes, do not forget to bring them.

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Biketards are Great for Any Sport

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Whenever you go to the gym for a workout or go outside to ride the bike, you want to feel as comfortable as possible, right? Now, you can feel that comfort by means of biketards. They provide a high degree of comfort and more importantly mobility for people who are very active. Although biketards were initially used for cyclists, they have become widespread in other sports as well. The biketards are great for gymnastics, dance class, health clubs, exercise wear, acrobats, circus performers, belly dance and practice wear. Usually, biketards are made from a very resistant, elastic material that does not wear out, even after washing. It has the quality for not deteriorating.

Biketards are great for every season. During summer, if you go cycling outdoors, you can wear only the biketards, with a t-shirt on top. In wintertime, you can wear the biketards underneath your clothes. Aside from being so comfortable, the biketards are also keeping you warm. Therefore, you can enjoy a ride with your bike regardless of the season. Biketards come in different shapes, colours and sizes and fit any body type. You can purchase them from specialized sportswear shops or you can order them online. Online, you have the possibility of personalizing your biketards, in terms of colour, model and pattern. 

If you have a good figure, then the biketards will emphasize your physique. The biketards area a great choice for anyone taking up sports: men, women, children, adolescents. Biketards are also a great choice for children who want to take up gymnastics or ballet. It is the perfect accessory when it comes to physical effort and keeping your body at a constant temperature. Because biketards are made from common materials, they do not need special care. Just throw them into the washing machine and that is it. The biketards allows the person who wears them to work out longer without worrying that the body might become overheated. The biketards absorb the sweat and cool off your body.

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Suitable Biketards For Any Sport

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Although the term biketards has been coined to refer to the get-up used by bicycle users, the very suitable unitard is perfect for any type of sport you wish to play. Keep in mind that there are many activities involving matches and trainings, for which wearing normal sports gear or sweat suits are not functional. A large outfit might prevent you from playing the sport accurately, from seeing the exact moves and from being comfortable while breaking a sweat. Thus, the biketards can be used for a wide variety of sports for which anything else just does not work.

The biketards are obviously used by people who train for and participate in bicycle riding events and races. These biketards offer the person wearing them a more comfortable get-up, perfect mobility of the body and an aerodynamic outfit. Cyclists must move fast, thus, it is important that the things they are wearing do not prevent them from pedaling and do not get stuck in the mechanism of the bicycle. The biketards are perfect for this, because they are tight, made out of a highly elastic material and they are generally short in length. These amazing biketards can be used for other sports as well. You may see wrestlers using them, because it is very important for the determination of the game to see when the opponent is fully backed on the floor. The biketards are used in gymnastics and aerobics as well, because for these types of sporting competitions the line of the body, the flexibility and the muscles must be seen clearly.

The biketards have become a sporting equipment suitable for many activities. It is used more and more, due to the fact that it allows people to perform and play without having to wear thick layers of clothes, that usually make them extremely sweaty and stop them from making certain moves. These are only a couple of the reasons why biketards have become popular not just in sports, but also in daily training activities, such as going to the gym or working out in the personal home.

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The Advantages of Biketards

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When you start working out, you want to benefit from all the comfort, lightness and flexibility of an appropriate item of clothing. Biketards is the perfect item of clothing that goes hand in hand with working out, dancing, cycling. It is so comfortable and light, you will not even notice that it is there. Biketards are made from an elastic, resistant material that permits multiple washing, without it ending up deteriorated. They are great for wearing them for a bigger period of time and they will never be out of fashion. Remember Jane Fonda? She was the only who made leotards fashionable again and people started wearing them all over the places: in clubs, on the street.

Biketards are also perfect for those of you who are always on the run, on the bicycle. Appropriate for both cold and warm weather, biketards can be worn underneath your clothes. So, if the weather is cold, just pull something over them, if it is too hot, just take off the t-shirt and you can enjoy a ride with the sun in your face. Biketards can be found at every sports store, coming in all shapes, colors and sizes, even for the pickiest of the people. If you are too ashamed go into the store and buy biketards, than, there is also the option of online store. You just have to know your size and choose the color or model you wish.

Biketards also emphasize the shape of your body and make you look quite attractive. Not only the cyclists can wear biketards, but also little girls who want to take up gymnastics. Biketards are used in various domains where physical effort is involved, and where the sportsman needs to be as mobile and as flexible as possible. So, in areas such as circus, cycling, gymnastics, fitness clubs or dancing shows, biketards are the perfect accessory when it comes to moving around and doing physical effort. So the next time you go to a dance course or a fitness club, do not forget to bring your biketards. Everybody will be wearing them!

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The Popularity Of Biketards

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When you do your daily workout, it is important to have all the necessary comfort, mobility and flexibility. For gymnastics or aerobic, biketards are great and the proper thing you need for being in shape. At the beginning, biketards were unitards, used by cyclists, but they have been cut to be more comfortable and now they are the perfect clothing in the gym. Biketards are made from resistant and nice material, so they are flexible and soft. As you sweat very much while gymnastics or other type of workout, you need to wash the biketards very often, but do not worry. Biketards are made from quality materials that are resistant and will not discolor or worn out easily. They will be great to wear for a very long period of time, so you do not have to pay a lot of money on them very often.

Biketards are the perfect clothing for being in shape and in case you dream to become a gymnast, they are the necessary thing you have to buy. Biketards are easily to be found online or in the typical stores also. It is nice that biketards do not have an increased price, but you will see that it varies on the brand or country. Offer a biketard to you child and you will see it will be a nice surprise. A biketard is not appropriate only for a kid, it is also great for adults and can be a practical gift idea. If your partner practices a sport or goes to the gym, then biketards are exactly what he or she needs.

Biketards are not only comfortable, but they emphasize the shape of your body and make you look very attractive. For someone who does gymnastics or for the real gymnasts, biketards are something that should not miss. You will find a lot of biketards, an amazing diversity of colors, cloth they are made of and brands. Wear biketards and you will see how comfortable you feel and you have the necessary mobility to do all the important exercises for your health. Biketards have a developed area where they are used as at the circus, dancing shows, fitness or physical clubs, so they are already very popular.

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Biketard Prices – How Much Does One Cost?

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There are two factors that impact the price of a biketard the most. The first is the category of the biketard. Prices will vary based on different categories like toddlers, teens and men.

The other factor is the appearance of a biketard. Plain options with a single color generally cost less than those that feature an attractive print with multiple colors.

Snowflake Designs

This company offers 15 different biketards on Amazon.

11 of the biketards they offer range from $36-$38. These biketards are designed for children, and come in prints including tailspin, groovy, rainforest, Minnie, peace out, mango, Jane, razzleberry, tye dye, blue bubbles and Dottie Dot. Their children’s USA biketard costs between $40 and $42.

The company also offers three biketards for women. Two of the option are available in plum or navy, while the third is black. The prices for these options range from $22.95 to $24.95.

What About eBay?

There are currently 409 biketard listings on eBay. 136 are listed in children’s clothing & shoes, 124 are listed in dancewear, 25 are listed in women’s clothing and the rest are spread throughout other categories.

344 of the listings are for new biketards, while 63 are used. The 12 highest listings range from $40 to $99.99. The other 397 listings are $39.99 or less.

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