Wear a Biketard for All Temperature Cycling Comfort

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If you are not into competitive cycling, but still enjoy going for long rides after work or on weekends, you still need to give thought to your gear and clothing. Especially if you are leaving in early morning and expect to return many hours later, you will have to dress for cool or cold weather for the first part of your ride, but plan for much warmer weather later in the day. Layering your clothing is the best way to do this, and a biketard is the perfect choice for your innermost layer.

The close fitting nature of your biketard makes it take up very little space while providing a very effective inner layer. It will keep you warm, but also wick perspiration away as you warm up and start to get hot. On top of your biketard, you can wear a tee shirt and then a couple of layers of sweaters and a coat (if you expect really cold weather during your ride). As the sun comes up and you begin to heat up, shed your coat and stow it in your pack, then peel off layers one by one as the day gets warmer. By lunch time you will probably be riding in only your biketard, with the sun on your arms and the wind in your hair, enjoying a perfect day outside.

Proper equipment and clothing is the key to enjoying cycling in all temperature and road conditions. Be sure your bike is well maintained, have proper footwear and cycling gloves, and layer your clothing to allow for the day to go from cold to hot and back to cold again. And, of course, always wear a high quality helmet.

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